Tell Us About Your Company

1. Please provide us with a brief profile of your company
2. Please describe your products and/or service
3. Please describe your target audience
4. Who are your primary competitors?
5. What sets your company apart from the competition?
Tell Us About Your Project

1. What is your primary objective for this design project (goals and purposes)?
2. If you have an existing website, what would you like to change about it?
3. If you have an existing website, what would you like to keep from it
4. Who will be providing copy for the website, or do you need copywriting services?
5. Do you have materials like a logo and photos to use in the design?
6. Please list some websites that you like (in terms of design), and why you like them
7. Are there any specific colors that you would like to use?
8. Please check the boxes for any words that you would like to be used to describe your new website
9. Are there any specific styles or elements that you do NOT want?
10. Please list any additional comments on the design or style of your new website
11. Please check a box for your budget range
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