A Play In One Act by John Hardy

An intelligent and humorous play for young audiences that both challenges and entertains.

Production Details

Approximately forty five minutes long, Fabulous Fables can be adapted to fit into the high school drama competition time of thirty five minutes. The play can be performed with as few as five actors or as many as fifteen. Minimal scenery and props are required. Only a basic costume for each actor and individual costume pieces are necessary. Ideally suited for grade five through High School, the play is enjoyed equally by adults of all ages.

About the Play

The play consists of three short plays and a prologue, epilogue and transitions of a running story. The stories are linked together by a series of vignettes about a Wolf who is trying to become an actor in the play but, despite his efforts, he isn't allowed to play in this play.

  • THE FISHERWOMAN AND HER HUSBAND: A wacky take on the classic "The Fisherman and His Wife". Shirley fishes for a living by chanting her personal philosophy: "be the bait". She catches a magical fish who also happens to be the host of a game show: "Fishing for Wishes". Slim Jims, Taco Bell, video games and talk shows are among the references to contemporary culture in this play.

  • THE BELLY AND THE BODY: The Legs, The Fingers and The Mouth can't see The Belly do his job so they believe he is doing nothing. The rest of the body exiles The Belly. But wait: no Belly means no food and no food means that there will soon be no Body. Uh oh! Panic ensues and they appeal to The Belly for forgiveness. But The Belly isn't so sure he wants to return.

  • THE BREMETOWN MUSICIANS: A kindly donkey, a blues-singing houndog, a snobby cat and a neurotic rooster find themselves out on the road with no prospects for the future. They agree to make their way to Bremen where they hope to become the official town musicians. On their way they foil a Robber who has been menacing the town and, as a reward, they are named The Brementown Musicians.

Royalty Fees

  • First two performances: $50 each
  • Subsequent performances: $30 each


Approx. 35-45 minutes
5-15 actors


"If you are looking for a really neat—I mean a really, truly dandy neato-keen—imaginative trip for less than the price of a movie, then head over to see Fabulous Fables and Fantastic Tales."

"Ostensibly for the younger set, this play will have adults howling in their seats"

"...three venerable fables, all delightfully cracked, scrambled and hilariously retold by playwright, John Hardy."

"...there's never a lull in the action or laughs. You don't need to be a kid to check it out, but it wouldn't hurt to take one along to explain all the cool jokes to you afterwards." — Robert McKinney, The Bristol Herald Courier