A One-Act Play for Young Audiences by John Hardy

Production Details

AMERICAN TALL TALES TOO is an entertaining and intelligent collection of three stories. The play has a running time of approximately forty five minutes but can be cut or adapted to various shorter lengths. It can be performed with as few as five actors or as many as twenty. Sets, props and costumes are minimal. Recommended for elementary through high school.

About the Play

The play is made up of three short plays, twelve to fifteen minutes in length, and a short prologue and epilogue.

  • THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF LITTLE MARGEY: Our young hero saves the neighborhood from Bert Bad Guy and His Band of Boppers who are trying to roll up all the sidewalks. Margey and her companion, a dog named Poopsie, foil the dastardly Bert Bad Guy and, with the help of local neighborhood characters, make the streets safe again.

  • THE EASTER BUNNY: This bunny can't find a home. He travels from California to Kansas to New York to New England to The South looking for a place to fit in. He meets up with an unusual chicken (Chickenette) who lays colored eggs. In an attempt to help the chicken by hiding her colored eggs from the farmer, The Bunny inadvertently creates a legend. Along the way, The Bunny finds himself thrust into many unusual situations including a surfing contest, Halloween, a Broadway chorus line, The Regis and Kelly Show and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  • BLACKBEARD: SCOURGE OF THE SPANISH MAIN: Edward Teach was a shy boy who had a slightly different way of looking at the world. Who knew this gawky child, the butt of his classmate's jokes, would grow into the famous pirate? He may strike fear into the hearts of all who sail the Spanish Main, but we know him as the gawky Edward Teach.

Royalty Fees

  • First two performances: $50 each
  • Subsequent performances: $30 each


Approx. 45 minutes
5-20 actors


"The newest from playwright John Hardy is every bit as delightful as his now legendary play, American Tall Tales. Once again Hardy has somehow written a play that is worthy of the attention of both kids and adults. Surprising, stimulating, funny and sophisticated, Hardy continues to re-define the world of theatre for young audiences." — Bob McKinney, The Bristol Herald Courier