By William Shakespeare; Adapted For Six Actors and Reduced By John Hardy

Production Details

  • This adaptation is a rapid-fire theatrical adventure.
  • Six (or more) actors play thirteen roles. Many of the roles are combinations of several roles, integrated into one role.
  • When performed by six actors, there must be a theatrical convention that allows the actors to change into another character immediately and without leaving stage. In previous productions, this has been accomplished by each actor wearing a large sash/scarf-type garment that is worn in a different fashion pertaining to each individual character. The changing of the garment takes seconds only and can be done as one character changes into another.
  • The six actor version is a boon to audience interest because the audience is allowed to see, not only the events of the play, but the means by which this seemingly impossible task (six actors playing all of the roles) is executed.
  • Several roles are the combination of more than one character integrated into a single role.
  • An emphasis on retaining the comedy of the play was addressed in this adaptation.
  • One hour and forty five minutes of stage time = two hours with intermission.

Royalty Fees

  • First two performances: $75 each
  • Subsequent performances: $50 each


2 Hours
8+ actors