A Play in One Act by John Hardy

Production Details

Approximately 60 minutes in length, the play requires a unit set and very few props. The play can be performed with as few as six actors or as many as twenty. The gender breakdown is flexible as long as there are at least two of each gender. The play is recommended for ages 10 - Adult.

About the Play

Beginning in the late 1700s, the play takes place over the next two and a half centuries in and around a grove of trees somewhere in America.

On a stormy Christmas morning a group of lost travelers, close to freezing, arrive at a grove of trees, certain of their own death. The trees seem to warm the travelers and shield them from the icy wind. Saved from a cruel death, the group of travelers decide to stay in the shadow of the magical grove of trees and make a life for themselves. The play follows the settlers and their descendants through four Christmas' over the course of one hundred and fifty years. through the Civil War, the Industrial Age and World War II, the town that was founded on that Christmas morning never loses its reverence for the stand of trees. The grove of trees has provided warmth, comfort, a living, grace and beauty to those who live in its shadow. The trees have seen tragedy, joy, romance and, as always, the struggle for survival. History, myth and magic come together in this Christmas story that follows the history of America through the prism of one small town.

A serious comedy, the play is part historical drama, part romance, part environmental statement and all Christmas celebration, abounding with Christmas music and singing.

Royalty Fees

  • First two performances: $50 each
  • Subsequent performances: $30 each


Approx. 60 minutes
6-20 actors