A Play in One-Act by John Hardy

WHISPERS OF THE OLDE WORLD is a magical tour of the islands of Britain with music, legend and history combined into three short playlets.

Production Details

Aproximately forty five minutes, the play can be adapted to fit into the high school drama competion time of thirty - thirty five minutes. The play can be performed with as few as five actors or as many as fifteen. Minimal scenery and props are required and only a basic costume for each actor. It has been produced by professional companies, high school drama clubs and even younger. Due to its sophisticated theatricality, the play is enjoyed by both children and adults.

About the Play

A strolling troupe of Renaissance players discovers an audience ready and willing to see a play. The performance they give features a short play from each of Ireland, England and Scotland strung together with interludes featuring music and dance of those countries. The three short playlets include:

  • THE TRIALS OF PADDY SHEA: In the magical town of Schull, on the southern coast of Ireland, lives a down and out ruffian named Paddy Shea. Paddy believes his fortunes have changed when he captures a rollicking leprechaun whom Paddy holds hostage until the leprechaun promises to disclose the location of his pot o' gold. The leprechaun patiently plays havoc with Paddy's life until the greedy Paddy meets a fateful end. Music and magic of the Emerald Isle.

  • WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, POET OF THE ELIZABETHANS: We follow a fictionalized account of young William from his beginnings in Stratford, England to the building of The Globe Theatre in London. William and his band of players aid the good Queen Elizabeth in saving their beloved England from the treachery of the evil Master of Revels. A bit of history flavored with the adventure of imagination bring William Shakespeare to life.

  • THE LEGEND OF THE LOCH NESS MONSTER: The people of Kinbrace, Scotland, on the northern edge of the dark waters of the Loch Ness, believe the only way they can survive the cold winter is to destroy the Loch Ness Monster. They falsely believe the Monster is responsible for the trouble they have crossing the dangerous waters in their attempt to bring food, supplies and medicine from the far shore. Only young Ian understands that the storms on the Loch Ness, and not the monster, are the cause of their troubles. Ian befriends the beast and enlists the Monster to guide their boats from shore to shore. The supposed cause of suffering turns out to be the salvation of the village.

Royalty Fees

  • First two performances: $50 each
  • Subsequent performances: $30 each


Approx. 30-45 minutes
5-15 actors


"...WHISPERS OF THE OLDE WORLD, both tour and tour de force" — Laura McBride, Bristol Herald Courier